Butcher Elder Law creates peace of mind with customized legal strategies for any life-changing event

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Don’t let Long Term Care wipe out your Estate. Strategic Estate Planning can keep you in control and preserve your assets.

Butcher Elder Law offers more than sound legal advice. We are partners who can help you achieve your vision.

Life is full of surprises. New found wealth, a new job, or finding out there is a birth in the family are all wonderful surprises. A life altering accident, lawsuit, or death of a family member are surprises we often deal with, but wish we could avoid. No matter what life throws at you it is important to be prepared and have an estate plan that can fit any surprise. We aim to help families Prevent Mistakes. Preserve Assets.


Elder Care Attorney and Registered Pharmacist Sam Butcher offers comprehensive estate planning services and counsels clients on the identification, design and execution of individual estate plans.

Fighting to Preserve Assets. Contact Us Today

Experienced, insightful, thoughtful and accountable, we work hand-in-hand with clients to create estate plans that protect their assets during their lifetime and pass assets on to their family. Our flat-rate plans are tiered and affordable for every budget. We serve clients throughout Cleveland Ohio and including Cuyahoga, Medina, Lorain, Summit, Portage, Geauga, and Lake Counties. 

With more than 25 years of experience, Butcher Elder Law has built a distinguished practice in the Greater Cleveland area focused on:

Special Needs

Butcher Elder Law works to provide resources for those with special needs. We understand that families would like to have a plan of action in place to care for their loved one. It is important to coordinate all of the legal, financial, and special needs care for children with disabilities, now and in the future. We can assist you through [...]

Comprehensive Estate Planning

Estate Planning Services – Butcher Elder Law counsels clients on the identification, design and execution of individual client estate plans. Our comprehensive estate planning services include: Traditional Planning: Handling all matters regarding wills, revocable and irrevocable living trusts, financial powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, and living wills. Modern Planning: Handling all matters specific to single people, unmarried couples, [...]

Asset Protection

Asset protection ensures that the assets you build over your lifetime are not susceptible to being lost to the government, nursing homes, lawsuits, divorce, bankruptcy, or other predators. Asset protection is broken down into two key considerations; protection while you are alive (even if you suffer a disability or become incompetent), and protection after your death. If [...]

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