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Protecting Your Loved Ones With A Guardianship

When you have an incapacitated adult in your life who is dependent on you, it is only natural that you want to be sure you are doing everything possible to protect them and take care of their needs. While you may do an exceptional job of this now, you also want to be sure you’re looking after them when you can no longer mentally or physically. Establishing a guardianship for your loved one with the help of an Ohio attorney can create the security net you are looking for.

At the Strongsville office of Butcher Elder Law, attorney Samuel V. Butcher, Esq., RPh, CELA, has more than 25 years of experience in estate planning law, including matters involving guardianships. He understands how serious and complex the decisions are in these situations, so he works tirelessly to ensure he is representing the best interests of everyone involved.

About The Guardianship Process

Ohio law allows the probate court to designate guardians for an adult who is mentally or physically impaired as the result of illness, injury, disability, aging, substance abuse, mental retardation, or inability to care for themselves.

Instead of taking the risk of having a probate court appoint a guardian on your behalf, you can act today to make that decision for yourself. These are time-sensitive cases, and making the most of your time today is essential to prepare for tomorrow. While the process to do this can be intimidating, Mr. Butcher can help you through any of the challenges involved with guardianships, including:

  • File a petition to become a guardian
  • Appoint a guardian
  • Evaluation of the potential ward
  • Notify interested parties
  • Guidance through any hearings
  • Annual reporting

With the right lawyer to help you through this process, you can rest easy knowing your loved one will receive the proper care when needed. Mr. Butcher is highly experienced in these cases, which can benefit your estate planning.

Let Legal Experience Work For You

If you want to be sure you are properly looking after the incapacitated adult in your life, let an attorney you can count on to help you make the decisions that matter. Call 440-268-8284 or book online for your initial consultation today.